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Climate Nexus is a non-profit, non-partisan communications group that connects journalists with the best science and compelling voices across the climate movement in the US and globally. 

Marlene Peralta leads this work. Marlene is a former journalist with a master's in Broadcast Journalism from CUNY Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. She has worked for CBS Radio, Newsday, El Diario, HITN TV, and others. 

We are here to provide you with climate resources, designed to assist you with your unique challenges as broadcast journalists. Sign up to attend our events, get updates on climate change coverage or learn about the links between climate change and extreme weather, particularly in the areas of heat, drought, storms, flooding, and fires.

As climate change is becoming a top issue among Americans, major networks are slowly starting to increase coverage.

While each network approaches coverage differently, push-back within the newsroom to covering climate change is real. There is also glaring lack of attention to climate justice. That is why we do what we do.


Right now, while coverage of COVID-19 is understandably taking all the media attention, we continue to send resources highlighting climate-related angles of the pandemic to journalists.


COVID & Climate Change Resources



Additional Resources

  • Hot News: Looking for the latest news on climate change? A newsletter with over 6000 subscribers, Hot News provides an overview of the day’s top climate stories.
  • Climate Signals: check out this comprehensive digital platform that maps the impacts of climate change in real-time.


Events for Broadcast Journalists

Climate Nexus hosted its first salon The Climate is Changing, is TV News Adapting? organized in partnership with Planet Forward and GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs. The school’s director, Frank Sesno, moderated a lively panel of distinguished broadcast personalities.

  • Eugenia Harvey, Executive Producer of Peril and Promise, a climate-focused project airing on PBS
  • Jeff Berardelli, CBS News Meteorologist and Climate Specialist
  • Jenn Christensen, Reporter, and Producer for CNN’s Climate and Health Unit

Our friends at Planet Forward wrote five takeaways from the event. EcoWatch and Yale Climate Connections also wrote about our salon in Media Coverage of Climate Change Increased in 2019 in the section titled: An Increase in Coverage.


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars for journalists, resources and a follow-up salon during Planet Foward’s Summit happening in DC, hopefully in the Fall. To attend our future events and/or receive resources for stories, contact us.

Broadcast Media Relations at Climate Nexus
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Marlene Peralta

Senior Manager, Broadcast Media Relations

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